• Päivämäärä: 23-01-2012
  • Arvostelija: Tristan Schön
  • Media: Team 6 mR Vanvouver
  • Kirja: The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing
  • Kirjailia: Tim Street

If you consider yourself a 6 meter enthusiast, and have not yet picked up a copy of “The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing”, I highly advice you do so immediately.
I was lucky enough to receive a copy during my trip to the 2012 6 Meter World Cup, in Helsinki, and recently found a nice quiet weekend to give the book the focused attention it deserves.
This beautifully produced coffee table book, by Pekka Barck and Tim Street, is the most complete international record of these famous boats published to date. Released by Finnish publisher Litorale, the book was 9 months in the making and includes contributions from class experts, sailors, designers and photographers a-like. A true international effort, highlights include an introduction by Olin Stephens, who was 99 at the time of publishing.

The book is broken down into 6 sections:

“The Rule”

An easy to understand break-down of how the 6 meter Rule evolved, how it is measured and what the implications are to design and performance.


The racing section is full of anecdotes, memories and testimonials from the men and women who race 6 meters, past to present. This section is an opportunity to relive the great battles and enjoy the romance of sailboat racing as it once was.


Familiarize yourself with the many famous names that used 6 meters to really push their skills as designers.


An in-depth look at the more significant designs that have graced the 6 meter world.


6 meters have sailed all around the world, establishing fleets big and small in many countries. Read about each nation’s 6 meter history and their contribution to the class.


The last section has a number of tables and charts with data and statistics, including a complete registry of all boats built, that have been identified by ISMA. A wonderful “look-it-up” reference tool.

What I particularly liked about the book is that it is not assembled in a typically linier fashion. The book is divided into various chapters on specific subjects, and each article through-out stands on its own. Over the course of a relaxing weekend, one can easily enjoy “The Six Metre” cover-to-cover, stopping at points of interest without feeling like you’ve missed something. If you only have a few hours at a time, pick up the book and jump straight to an article that peaks your interest. Many writers contributed to the production, allowing for a variety of voices and a varying tone through-out.

This truly is the comprehensive history of 6 meter sailboats, their designers, the sailors who raced them and the events that made them famous.

For more information and how to order, visit the publisher’s website.