Pekka Barck and Tim Street:
The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing
Published December 12th.
Hard cover, 304 pages,
250 pictures and illustrations
ISBN: 978-952-5045-31-4
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Hand made in leather in a separate
case and numbered 1-100. It is signed by both authors.
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The Six Metre – 100 Years of Racing has been produced by Pekka Barck and Tim Street in the nine months since January 2007. Prior to this, our enthusiastic contributors world wide provided us with much information, to all of whom we owe our deep gratitude. This book is the result of our numerous sleepless nights. The most experienced contributor was Olin Stephens, now 99 years old. Others who have contributed include: Claes Ahlin, Henrik Andersin, Franco Belloni, Richard Bond, Basil Carmody, Matt Cockburn, Gabor Csernussi, Dr. Segismundo Cortes, Dariusz Dziwura, Chris ennals, Jack Gale, Philippe Goetz, Torben Schmidt-Grael, Pierre Gutelle, Juliane Hempel, Bernard Haissly, Ian Howlett, Luigi Lang, Eero Lehtinen, Tapio Lehtinen, Kimball Livingston, Morten Lindvik, Paul Longridge, Kimo Mackey, Chris Museler, Hans J. Oen, Stefan O’reilly Hyland, Toby Rodes, Dr. Björn Storsberg and Eldon Trimingham III.

The book is enlivened by numerous anecdotes and includes hundreds of pictures by Patricia Lascabannes from France, Beken & Sons and Kathy Mansfield from the UK, Abel from Norway, Bertil Norberg from Sweden, Edwin Lewick from USA, Katrin Storsberg from Germany, Gilles Favez from Switzerland, Ari Thiel and Hannu Bask from Finland together with many other collections and private photographs, for all of which our grateful thanks.


The Six Metre – 100 Years of Racing is believed to be the first full book on Six Metre yachts in English ever published. Many thousands of sailors have enjoyed these yachts during the past century. More than 1200 Six Metres have been built and almost all of them were unique designs, built to win races. Today more than one third of them are known to still exist and many have been beautifully restored. It is not a hyperbole to say that the class is today more vigorous than ever with more than 300 boats believed to be in racing trim.

During an honourable 100 year history a lot has happened – disaster and sensation, storm and calm, war and reconciliation, recession and expansion. Put simply this is the History of the Six Metres.

The book has six main chapters:
the rules and the
development of the class
reports on all the major
trophies for Six Metres
a record of most of
the important designers
stories of eight
selected yachts
histories of the Six
Metre by country
a register of all yachts built,
together with the current
fleets and yachts